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Redwood City, CA

5/19/2010 - Debbie S., San Mateo, CA

"I heard about Jay's Mobile Detail through the gym that I work at and he was highly recommended so I decided to give him a call.  I have had my car
for 2 years now and have only put it through the car wash every so often.  Needless to say, the interior was in pretty bad shape as far as stains, sticky
gunk all over the place, dust buildup, window grime, etc.  Jay actually came to my work and detailed the car in the parking lot for me and I was
amazed at the results.  The interior looks practically brand new and he got into all the nooks and crannies!  He definitely puts the DETAIL into Jay's
Mobile Detail and he was very nice and professional.  Get this, he was finishing up with a wash and wax when it started raining . . . He promised to
come re-wash and wax the car when the rain stops for free!  Talk about taking pride in your work and wanting the customer to be satisfied.  I would
recommend Jay to anyone looking to get their car detailed.  He makes it convenient and affordable and he will come to you!  For those of you who
actually work out at the gym (Powerhouse or  other)... he will meet you there and detail your car while you are working out so you can save time too!  
Thanks Jay!"

5/28/2010 - Keith F., Palo Alto, CA

"Had Jay detail our BMW 750 that we are selling.  He confirmed the appointment the day before, and arrived right when he said he would.  Jay cam to
our house and set up shop right in the driveway.  Did a great job with a full inside and outside detail.  The ten year old car looks brand new again."

6/23/2010 - Bridget G., Palo Alto, CA

"A friend of mine referred me to Jay's Mobile Detail. I've had my car detailed in the past but never with this level of precision, care and thoroughness.
The car looks like new - I wish that I had done this sooner - and I plan to do it more often.

Jay is a professional and it shows."

7/16/2010 - Lois W., Redwood City, CA

"I'm embarrassed to admit that after purchasing a new 2005 black Honda I had it waxed 3 times in 5 years at a nearby car wash. Needless to say, the
last time I washed the car, the water didn't bead as usual and the paint was dry and gritty to the touch. I also noticed swirl marks that dulled the finish.
The thought of my having to wax and polish the car didn't thrill me.

I found and recommend highly Jay Williams of Jay's Mobile Detail. He brought my car back to original showroom quality when he meticulously
detailed my car. There is not one spec of glitter to be found inside the car from my face painting supplies. All the dirt, Kleenex dust, food bits, and
hair are gone from between the seats. There's no water mark rimmed around the windows. Scuff marks are gone. The wheels wells are spotless from
his use of a toothbrush on the rims. The car looks new, again, with blue flecks reflecting in the sunlight that I've not seen in 4 years. All hand washed
and waxed, the finish on the car is so smooth that when placing my food to go on the hood of the car momentarily to look for my keys, the bag slid off.

Jay is honest, reputable and his work exceeded my expectations."

1/9/2011 - Alex S., Redwood City, CA

"Jay did a great job on my Mercedes.  His prices are great and he doesn't cut corners when working.  I would recommend him to anyone and plan to
use his service again.  The interior of my car didn't look this good when I drove it off the dealer's lot."

11/22/2011 - Gordon R., Redwood City, CA

"Jay did a great job in cleaning the heavy water spots on our car windows. Before he even came out he researched what is the best product to use. He
bought it and came over with it without even knowing if it would work. When I contacted him I told him the problem I was having. All the stuff I tried, clay
bar, steel wool and buffing would not remove it.  Was not expecting him to have success. I am a do it yourselfer and nothing I researched and tried
I bought the car used and they must have parked near a well watered lawn. The water spots were horrible. So bad that it was hard to see through the
He worked on it for an hr and a half and only charged me $30.
He is a magician!   The window looks brand new.  I would never have believed it.
He saved us $300 to replace the window.  
So if anyone has unremovable water spots Jay is your man. His many yrs experience in detailing paid off big time.  We plan to have him do any out
of the ordinary detailing in the future.
Plus he is pleasant, honest and customer satisfaction is his top priority.
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any doubts at GWRUYZ@yahoo.com.

I highly recommend him.
I give him a 5+ star rating.
Gordon R."
Stockton, CA

2/21/2012 - Michael B., Pleasanton, CA

"We've been using Jay's Mobile Detail service for over 6 months now for detailing and regular cleaning of our cars. Jay always does a very thorough
job on my wife's Maserati and our other vehicles. He always arrives on time, he is very professional, and he uses top quality products. He is very
passionate about his work, and it shows in the results."