At Jay's Mobile Detail we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We specialize in car detailing and yellowing headlight lens
restoration.  For detailing, we use a 4 step process that starts with a thorough washing, then we use a clay bar to remove all
contaminants that have built up in and on the paint, then there is a pre-wax cleaner which removes excess wax and impurities, then
a paint sealer, than a very resilient carnauba wax which last 6 months  Are your headlights dim?  It could be the cloudy, foggy, yellow
headlight lenses on the car and not the headlights themselves. Just like cleaning a pair of dirty eye glasses, headlight lens
restoration cleans the car's lenses allowing more light through.  This will save you hundreds of dollars from having to buy new
lenses. You will experience peace of mind when it comes to you putting your "baby" into our capable hands. We excel at being
extremely thorough getting every nook and cranny clean. We strive to regain that showroom shine.
Jay grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He began detailing cars at the age of 17 for his dad. He realized upon completing a
detail of his dad's F350 dully and 40 foot cargo trailer that the reaction he got from his dad was that he was blown over by the job he
did. His dad has been a collector of classic vehicles for over 40 years. So Jay's love and passion for automobiles is not just a
coincidence. Jay spent over 4 years in the US Army and had plenty of time to detail his military Hummer. After getting out of the
military he joined the corporate business world and worked in the semiconductor industry off and on for over 15 years. Jay is happily
married with four sons.
Established in 1989

Jay's Mobile Detail started when Jay got his car washed and waxed in a conventional drive through facility in 1989.  He waited
tolerantly for almost an hour just for a wax alone at which time he was charged $45. After inspecting the job Jay came to the
conclusion that they did a very poor job and decided there had to be a way to get your car cleaned and be satisfied, if not "wowed"
by the renewed physical appearance of your vehicle. 'Why not have customers be comfortable in their own familiar surroundings like
their office, home, gym, golf course, tennis court, etc. while their vehicle is being professionally cleaned?'  It was with these
thoughts that the company, Jay's Mobile Detail, was born.
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Jay's Mobile Detail
Redwood City, CA
Jay's Mobile Detail
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